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Grace Cathedral Gaining Power from Above

A church more often than not needs to draw its inspiration from the heavens, but San Francisco’s Grace Cathedral has taken that stereotype to the next level, as they announced Thursday that they would be partnering with Pacific Gas and Electric to install a new photovoltaic power system.

The project will see PG&E commit $65,000 for the installation, and designed and implemented by SolarCity of Foster City; it is expected to be completed later this year. And it is all thanks to the hard work of Reverend Canon Sally Bingham, the president of California Interfaith Power and Light, an organization founded upon the idea that the religious aspects of the community must respond to global warming as a moral issue.

San Francisco mayor Gavin Newsom said at the announcement this morning that this project would continue to make “San Francisco the greenest city in the country” adding that he commended “PG&E for their vision of implementing renewable energy on a true San Francisco landmark. This project supports the City’s goals of increasing the use of clean, renewable power”.

“We’re grateful to PG&E for its generous contribution to Grace Cathedral’s ongoing environmental efforts,” said the cathedral’s own dean Alan Jones. “This new solar power system will help us conserve valuable resources, and empower us to be a part of the solution to attack greenhouse gases and global warming.”


credit: kjetil_r at Flickr under a Creative Commons license