Move over Pink’s. There is a new fast food joint in town that wants to serve up the next cult hot dog and must have ground patty, but O!burger’s offerings come with a twist. O! goody.

Serving up grass fed beef and free range turkey, all of the new burger joint’s menu items are organic and tasty. Grass fed beef makes the meat richer with omega 3, beta carotene, vitamins A & E and CLA, a newly discovered “good” fat, and even the delicious shakes are made with healthy ingredients, such as Aseel dates, bananas, chocolate and live culture yogurt.

“From Ray Kroc to Alice Waters, California has a long, rich history of launching exciting and groundbreaking restaurants,” said co-owner Martha Chang, a former film producer.  “With O!burger we hope to combine the best practices of these visionaries and offer diners the greatest possible eating experience.”

O!burger is also implementing eco-friendly pracitices by using packaging that’s recyclable, compostable or biodegradable and cleaning products that are green and non-toxic.